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Grand Isle!


The Southern-most town in Jefferson Parish, Grand Isle is a sleepy, fishing town with miles of coastline and beaches. With many corporate and personal fishing camps , the population of this island town sees an steady stream of marsh, beach and offshore fisherman and other  outdoor enthusiasts attracted to its access to the Gulf of Mexico.  

Grand Isle's waterfront properties are among some of the most coveted in the state. Living here is expensive, as the median house price is just over $300,000, but some deem it worth the price to live in a fishing and water sports paradise.

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Arts & Culture
The close proximity to the Gulf makes Grand Isle a year-round, unique fishing village with some of the best seafood in the state. The small folk art scene and local craftsmen create gorgeous pieces and sell them throughout the New Orleans region.

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Along Highway 1, there are restaurants and bars where one can enjoy a cold beer and fresh seafood. Artie's Sports Bar is one such local legend where vacationers mingle with local residents and fishermen.

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Grand Isle is a town with waterfront property offering many options for maritime recreation, including a public fishing pier and the annual International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo. The Grand Isle State Park is among the best in the country.

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Grand Isle is a quiet fishing town where residents enjoy a low crime rate. The town has a high rate of vacationers who get along well with the locals who call the area home.

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Supporting grades K 12, the Grand Isle School provides students opportunities to achieve their academic potential and become lifelong learners.

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There are plenty of miles of sand for walks along the beach, but community assets are normally reached by car.

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