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St. James Parish

When many think of Louisiana, they think of sprawling, antebellum estates. These can be found in abundance in Gramercy. The city is a popular weekend getaway, with wide range of bed and breakfasts, and opportunities for history buffs to explore local plantations.

One of the least expensive communities in Greater New Orleans with a median home price at just $114,000 Gramercy offers great value, featuring traditional style homes available for lease or purchase.

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Arts & Culture

Deeply immersed in history, Gramercy features four plantations Oak Alley Plantation, Laura Plantation, St. Joseph Plantation, and Poche Plantation, renowned for its one of a kind Perique Tobacco. The scenic plantations are frequently visited by history buffs from around the United States.

Gramercy also features several festivals throughout the year: The St. Michael Church Festival, the St. Peter Chanel Festival, the Oak Alley Arts and Crafts Show, and the Festival of the Bonfires.

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Gramercy is a quiet town in which most nights are spent visiting family, friends, and neighbors. However, the town's main nightlife attraction is Nobile's a full service restaurant and bar on Main Street with roots going as far back as the late 1800's. Since 1895, Nobile's has been a community staple where members of the community, as well as travelers, could grab a drink, shoot pool, and indulge in wide spectrum of recreational activities.

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Recreation is one of the hallmarks of life in Gramercy featuring several parks as well as easy access to fishing and boating outlets such as the Blind River adjacent to Airline Highway, and the Mississippi River.

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Served by The Convent Police branch, and the West Bank Police sub-branch, Gramercy is safe place to call home.

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Gramercy residents invest heavily in education evident by the fact that despite Gramercy being a small community, there are several elementary and high schools Vacherie Elementary, Gramercy Elementary, Paulina Elementary, St. James High School, and Lutcher High School. Both high schools are state and district award-winners in football, baseball, softball, volleyball, and swimming.

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Gramercy is a suburban/rural community that requires a car for most errands. There are small neighborhoods where one can walk to and from different venues, but for the most part, vehicle transportation is necessary.

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