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The distinct accent and warm personality give away Chalmette residents as soon as you meet them. Although located just minutes from downtown, Chalmette has a cozy, small-town feel, with many residents having spent their whole lives in the city. The site of the a major battle in the War of 1812, this area's monuments and cemeteries are paradise for history buffs. As the largest community in St. Bernard Parish, it is also a popular jumping-off point for hunting trips and fishing charters.

Chalmette is one of the most affordable communities around. It's popular not just with locals, but also transplants who are looking to build their dream home on a tighter budget.

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Arts & Culture
Chalmette is home to a distinct culture, with many residents tracing their family back to the region for several generations. Los IsleƱos Fiesta is one of Chalmette's most popular events and celebrates the Canary Islanders who settled in Chalmette in the 1770s. Chalmette is adjacent to the small, but vibrant community of Versailles, with one of the largest Vietnamese populations in the country. Chalmette is also home to Chalmette Movies, a multiplex theater that shows blockbusters as well as smaller, artsier fare.

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Chalmette has several bars and cafes which serve as convenient meeting points for friends and families. The city is also just a short bus ride, down the thoroughfare of St. Claude Avenue, from the world-famous nightlife of the French Quarter and Marigny.

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Chalmette is perfect for those who value the outdoors. The community's marina is a popular launch-point for those heading towards the Gulf for hunting or fishing trips. The bayou is directly across the highway from most of the town. Chalmette is also home to the Val Reiss Park System which maintains multiple parks and play areas for families.

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Chalmette is a safe community where residents look out for each other. The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office is located in Chalmette.

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The recently renovated Chalmette High School is one of the best ranked public schools in the region. The 420-seat theater at the Cultural Arts Center is the center of a $28.7 million dollar renovation to their arts facilities. Chalmette also has one of the largest and most beautiful stadiums in the state, with state-of-the-art locker rooms and weight training facilities.

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The downtown corridor of Chalmette, including Chalmette Shopping Center and the Chalmette Movies, are quite walkable, and popular places for young people to congregate on weekends. However commuters to the city typically own cars.

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