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Nestled in the bend in the Mighty Mississippi which gives the Crescent City its name, Algiers Point offers a quiet, small-town feel just across the river from the big city. A designated National Historic District, Algiers Point was the first community founded on the West Bank of New Orleans and features historic homes, quaint businesses and tree-lined streets. Noted throughout the city for its laid-back atmosphere, Algiers Point is conveniently accessed by the Crescent City Connection Bridge and a ferry which runs seven days a week.

It's become a trend in the neighborhood to buy affordable, long-standing homes and refurbish them with modern interiors. This new-old style is catching on and making Algiers Point one of the most exciting places to live and buy property in Greater New Orleans.

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Arts & Culture
The Arts and Culture community is also thriving in Algiers, with the popular Wednesdays on the Point music and artists festival delighting residents every Wednesday for several months of the year. With affordable spaces available, and a burgeoning scene, more and more artists are calling Algiers Point home.

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Algiers Point is by no means a hub for late night frolicking in the Crescent City, but it has its neighborhood haunts that are beloved by the locals and institutions in the area. The restaurants are diverse and lovably kitsch-the Dry Dock Bar and Cafe is a favorite of ferry commuters and Gulf Pizza is a great place to pick up a slice.

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The levee provides one of the great natural green spaces in the city, and with a new bike path to neighboring Gretna, Algiers Point is fast becoming a hub for the athletically inclined. There are also several parks and green spaces in the neighborhood, including Confetti Park and Larkin Park.

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Residents of Algiers Point are driven by neighborhood spirit and creating a tight knit community on their little corner on the Mississippi River. There's an active neighborhood watch, and residents will know the people who work at the local restaurants and grocery stores by name.

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One of the greatest new developments in Algiers Point is the revitalization of the neighborhood's high school, Edna Karr High School, an open-enrollment, co-ed charter school that students from all over Orleans Parish travel to attend. Edna Karr has adopted a successful and rigorous college-prep curriculum, a full athletics program and numerous clubs, and has one of the leading science and robotics programs in the state.

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Most neighborhoods are within walking distance of the ferry and town center shops, and the levee provides one of the most beautiful walks in the Crescent City.

Algiers Point, one of the oldest neighborhoods in all of New Orleans, is experiencing a renaissance and one that many are eager to get in on. With excellent schools, a developing arts scene, and new green spaces (including a bike path to neighboring Gretna) Algiers Point is emerging as one of the most desirable places to live in Greater New Orleans.

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