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April 25, 2022

The Best Brunch Cities in America: New Orleans #1

Best Brunch Cities Statistics

  • The average metro in our 50-city sample has 7 brunch restaurants per 100,000 people and an average cost of $14.71 per meal. Jump to section
  • New Orleans is the best U.S. city for brunch, with 20 brunch spots per 100,000 people — the highest number in the nation.
  • Indianapolis has the best brunch prices. Ingredients for a DIY brunch cost just $11.88 — 24% cheaper than the average city in our analysis.
  • The next cheapest cities for brunch are Cleveland, Cincinnati, Memphis, Tenn., and Houston.
  • San Francisco is the most affordable city for brunch. Thanks to high average incomes, one brunch per week would cost a resident just 0.69% of their annual income compared to our 50-city average of 1.24%.
  • Riverside, Calif., is the least affordable city, where a weekly brunch costs 1.69% of residents’ annual income.
  • Seattle is the most passionate brunch city. Residents here have the highest average Google search interest for 20 different brunch foods and beverages.
  • Griddle game on point: Seattle ranks No. 1 in search interest for waffles and pancakes, but high prices keep it from making it to the top 15 brunch cities.
  • Milwaukee is the best city for brunch cocktails with the highest Google search activity for drinks such as mimosas, bloody marys, and other brunch beverages.
  • East Coast eats: The top cities for bagel passion are all in the Northeast, including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Hartford, Conn., and Baltimore.
  • West Coast cuisine: Salt Lake City ranks No. 1 for crepe interest, and San Diego ranks best for avocado toast.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Sweet, savory, and Southern: No matter what flavor of brunch you’re in the mood for, New Orleans has it all. The Big Easy has 20 brunch restaurants per 100,000 people — almost triple the average city we analyzed (7 per 100,000).

Why not add a little Bourbon Street to your breakfast? New Orleans residents rank in the top five nationally for Google searches of brunch cocktails. For an early dessert, New Orleans ranks first in searches for beignets, a delectable delicacy at spots such as the famous Cafe du Monde.

From the Creole creations at Saint John to smothered shrimp at Beaucoup Eats, there’s enough variety to have a filling Sunday — or a Fat Tuesday.

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