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November 12, 2020

1st Lake’s Guide to Moving to New Orleans

1st Lake’s Guide to Moving to New Orleans

Are you planning a move to the Greater New Orleans area?

Moving can be an exhausting process when you’re simply relocating to a new neighborhood – so it’s no wonder that a move to a brand-new city can be intimidating and overwhelming! We hope our apartment moving checklist will be a helpful tool for preparing you for moving to New Orleans, but once you’re here, there’s plenty to learn.

New Orleans is a beautiful, vibrant city bursting with history and culture. There’s music around every corner and delicious food to satisfy any palate. People love New Orleans because of how unique it is, but that can make things hard for NOLA newbies!

Explore thousands of apartments around New Orleans, and check out our advice for moving to New Orleans and our guide to living like a local below…