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New Orleans Climate

Like the rest of the Gulf Coast, Greater New Orleans has a humid, subtropical climate that yields hot summers, mild winters, and lush trees and green lawns all year round.

Sunshine is an abundant resource in Southeast Louisiana, with over 100 days of pure sunshine annually. Even during rainy season, showers regularly only last an hour or so. Warm summer weather typically stretches from April to October, while the end of summer ushers in pleasant temperatures and the start of what locals refer to as “festival season,” due to the high number of outdoor events that take place on any given weekend between October and May. These months feature some of the region’s largest events, including Voodoo Fest, Mardi Gras, French Quarter Fest, and Jazz Fest. Winters are pleasant. Although temperatures can reach freezing overnight on occasion, snowfall happens only a handful of times each generation.

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