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Creative Jobs in New Orleans

It’s no secret that New Orleans is one of the world’s greatest hubs of creativity. It has birthed legendary musicians, writers, artists, and performers, and has inspired innumerable more. The music, the food, the architecture, the festivals, the spirit, the culture … it’s impossible not to find your muse in this city.

For artists and creative professionals of all types, Greater New Orleans offers unparalleled access to opportunities, platforms, and audiences for their talent. From countless performance venues and art galleries, to world-famous festivals with stages and marketplaces featuring local talent – all of which have pivoted to online programming during the COVID-19 pandemic – to the growing demand for creative professionals among our video game studios and the film industry, New Orleans creatives have outlets for expression and opportunities to build successful careers.

Peter Mayer Advertising

More than 50 years ago, Peter Mayer founded his eponymous New Orleans advertising firm — an independent, full-service agency named a “Small Agency of the Year” by AdAge. Today, Peter Mayer employs 80 professionals across media, creative, public relations, social media, research & analytics, production, development, SEO/SEM, and strategic services. Peter Mayer’s clients include Zatarain’s, Dixie Beer (new name pending), the Kennedy Space Center, and the National WWII Museum.

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New Orleans Music Economy (NOME)

Founded by regional economic development organization Greater New Orleans, Inc., and spearheaded by a collaboration of businesses and music industry leaders, the vision for the New Orleans Music Economy (NOME) initiative is for New Orleans to have both the brand of America’s premier music city and a thriving music economy that provides jobs and wealth to musicians, IP managers, publishers, marketers, legal representatives, and all other participants in the business of music. This not only will sustain our artists and keep them here, but it also will create thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in wealth to benefit the Greater New Orleans region. Through NOME, New Orleans will capture the value of its musical culture and re-invest it at home.

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EskewDumezRipple (EDR)

Established in New Orleans in 1989, EskewDumezRipple has transformed from a local firm doing nationally recognized work to a national firm that has retained its local roots. Recipients of the prestigious 2014 Architecture Firm Award, EskewDumezRipple’s body of work ranges from intimate interiors to large scale urban planning projects. As signatory to the AIA 2030 Commitment, the firm embraces its responsibility as a steward of the environment, crafting sustainable solutions to ensure the health and wellness of communities today and in the future.

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Arts Council New Orleans

Now in its fourth decade, the Arts Council New Orleans is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting arts and culture in the city. Through grant funding, outdoor art markets, commissioned art, and more, the Arts Council works to elevate the arts ecosystem, expand and create opportunities for diverse artistic expression, and bring the community together through programming and events. The Arts Council works with artists to grow their careers and expand their base of opportunities and is committed to providing them access to resources and opportunities — from grants and jobs to available studio space.

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