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Although Ponchatoula experienced an influx of new residents after Hurricane Katrina, the city still maintains a close-knit atmosphere. Volunteerism is high and neighbors are known to look out for each other. The city has outstanding antiques stores and a strong crafts community. It is also home to the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival, which is the 2nd largest festival in Louisiana.
One of the main draws to Ponchatoula is its affordability. With an average list price per square foot of $97 and an average home listing price of just under $180,000, it is an excellent place to start a family or purchase property. The commute to downtown New Orleans is roughly 50 minutes, but many residents work locally in Ponchatoula or in neighboring Hammond.

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Arts & Culture

The arts scene in this small community is thriving. The Ponchatoula Country Market is a wonderful yearlong offering where local craftsmen offer everything from delicate ceramics to handmade furniture, along with art, photography, and stained glass. There are also several museums in the city limits, including the Louisiana Treasures Museum and the Collinswood School Museum, which has a collection of Native American Artifacts dating back 10,000 years.

The biggest festival of the year (and the second-largest festival in Louisiana after Mardi Gras) is the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival, a springtime celebration that is as much fun for kids as it is for adults. The festival has been held every year for 42 years.

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Ponchatoula's nightlife is marked by neighborhood bars where the bartender might well recognize you after just a few trips. Lager's is a popular barbecue and beer joint, Ponchatoula Pub is a well-liked dive, and bars in neighboring Hammond like the Cate Street Pub and Brady's are great for live music and grabbing a drink with locals.

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The Ponchatoula Walking Trail is a mile and a half trail around the city's recreation center, which boasts a beautiful new basketball complex, along with fields, exercise areas and more. This hub of recreation is a great place for families and people of all ages to come in and soak up the sun or break a sweat in any number of ways.

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Ponchatoula is considered a safer, quieter alternative to neighboring Hammond. The small, tight-knit community takes care of each other, and a growing police force works hard to keep the area safe.

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Many residents of Ponchatoula send their children to school in neighboring Hammond, but there are local pre-school options and after-school opportunities in town. Hammond has a wide selection of public schools, charter schools, and private schools that are competitive in the area.

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Most daily errands in Ponchatoula require a car. There is coffee at the central Chocolate Vine Bakery, Cafe & Wine Cellar and Bohning Supermarket is a great place to get your groceries. There's also a group of restaurants all in a walkable mile of downtown, but most residents have a car.

Ponchatoula is a tight-knit, committed community with a fierce civic pride and a strong tradition of volunteerism. Less than an hour from New Orleans, it's quickly becoming a popular place to lay down roots, buy property, and start a life.

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