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The name Belle Chasse is French for beautiful hunting. The rich abundance of wildlife nearby makes it one of the most popular communities for outdoor enthusiasts. Also home to a Reserve Base for the U.S. Navy, Belle Chasse is clean and well-manicured. Recently, the town has experienced a population boom with new residents attracted to the safe, family-friendly neighborhoods and excellent public schools. Local builders have identified it as one of the hottest communities for new home builds.

The average home price in Belle Chasse is $312,000, but there also many affordable condos and single-family units available for rent in the area.

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Arts & Culture
Life in Belle Chasse revolves around the Naval Air Station, so any art or culture is usually brought in through the base. Movie screenings, markets, and arts and crafts events are all put on and organized by families of those who work at the Air Station, and the military also brings in entertainment offerings for the community.

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The two most popular bars in town are the Blue Angel Lounge and The Cypress Bar, popular with both servicemen and locals alike. Both offer food and a fun place to grab a beer out with friends. For those looking for a bigger night out, downtown New Orleans is only 10 miles away.

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St. Bernard State Park is just across the Mississippi River from Belle Chasse, and the large green space is well-maintained and fun for all-ages. The park has a popular public swimming pool that Belle Chasse residents love to visit in the summertime, along with picnic areas, campsites, playgrounds, and a gorgeous nature trail that's great for walking and hiking.

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Belle Chasse boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the area, and with such a tight-knit community, there's a real sense of pride that the residents look out for their neighbors and take care of each other.

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Both Belle Chasse Primary School and Belle Chasse High School are well-regarded public schools that have college-prep curriculums, great athletics, and good arts and music programs. Many of the students are the children of military families, but those students not from military families also thrive in the schools.

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Belle Chasse is the largest town in Plaquemines Parish area-wise, and without a real downtown area, most residents will need a car to get around.

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