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St. Bernard Parish

Just across the parish line from New Orleans, the quiet community of Arabi was once known for its rollicking nightlife; the site of numerous casinos and speakeasies. Now a simple, suburban community, residents enjoy the safe city's tree-lined streets and proximity to downtown, which can be easily reached via surface streets.

For its proximity to New Orleans, Arabi has amazing value. The average list price for a home right now is around $125,000, and while many of the properties are fixer-uppers, there are more finished homes available for people who fall in love with the area.

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Arts & Culture

The Old Arabi Historic District is a gorgeous neighborhood, made up of 150 acres bordering the Mississippi River. Traditionally the center of food production for the Greater New Orleans area, Arabi still is home to the Domino Sugar Refinery, which was built in 1906 and is to this day the largest sugar producer in the United States.

Known for its traditional architecture and colorful homes, Arabi was named one of America's Prettiest Painted Places in 2012 in a competition put on by the Paint Quality Institute.

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The neighborhood is within walking distance to several restaurants, local stores, and the beautiful Mississippi River. Popular local spots include Gerald's Donuts and Burgers, Old Arabi Eats, Parish Seafood and Diner, Bella's and Juan's, and for those wanting a more metropolitan evening, the French Quarter is a short drive (or longer bike ride) away.

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The levee along the Mississippi River is a natural recreation space where many residents like to walk, jog or take their dogs to play. Community Park is also in Arabi -- a great green space where families (and pets) like to play touch football and fly kites on windy days.

Also popular in the community is Norman's Boxing Gym, a neighborhood institution that was founded in 1960 and has trained many amateur boxers -- and even some professionals.

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The St. Bernard's Parish Sheriff's Office recently broke ground on two new substations, one on St. Claude Avenue and another on West Judge Perez Drive, which will bring an increased police presence to the area. Both substations are set to open in 2014, and will aid in the excellent work that's already being done both by police and community groups in the area.

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Residents of Arabi send their children to many of the 11 schools that are located in St. Bernard Parish. Arabi Elementary School, which sits on a brand new campus, received an Education Nation Award in 2013 for its reading program, recognizing its teachers and students for reading over 20,000 books in the school year.

St. Bernard Parish is also home to Nunez Community College, which has a partnership with the Parish school system that allows promising high school students to take courses at the university for college credit.

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Arabi's location is great for evening walks, meeting new neighbors, and watching time pass on the Mississippi. However, the community lacks a large downtown area with amenities and most residents rely on a car to run errands.

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